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Here at American Science & Surplus we believe that learning, crafting, DIYing and other projects should be fun and enjoyable. To that end, here are a few fun, interesting and even strange things that we want to share with you.

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Amazing, bizarre, and weird science facts!

A cloud can weigh one million pounds. The average cumulus cloud can weigh up to a million pounds, according to the USGS. That’s about as heavy as the world’s largest jet when it’s completely full of cargo and passengers.

Rats laugh when they are tickled. Rats have the ability to “laugh” when tickled. A video from National Geographic demonstrates that rats respond positively to tickling, and they even chase after the researcher’s hand in a playful manner.

Humans have genes from other species. The human genome consists of as many as 145 genes that have jumped from bacteria, fungi, other single-celled organisms, and viruses, according to a study published in the journal Genome Biology. Like Transformers, we're more than meets the eye.

Did we mention that you are mostly not you?  About half of your body is bacteria. Experts estimate that the human body consists of 39 trillion bacteria and 30 trillion human cells—a roughly 1:1.3 ratio. In the past, researchers thought we were much more bacteria than human, with a ratio of 10:1.