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Here at American Science & Surplus we believe that learning, crafting, DIYing and other projects should be be fun and enjoyable. To that end, here are a few fun, interesting and even strange things that we want to share with you.

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Amazing, bizarre, and weird science facts!

Everything you see happened in the past. It takes approximately 50 milliseconds for visual information to process in your brain, by the time you actually see something, it already happened. You're looking back in time! -Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The universe has an average color - it's called Cosmic Latte. In a 2002 study, astronomers found that the light coming from galaxies (and the stars within them) – alongside all the visible clouds of gas and dust in the Universe – when averaged, would produce an ivory colour very close to white. They named this colour ‘cosmic latte’. -BBC Science Focus

Trees at the edges of forests grow faster than those in the center. Boston University researchers found edge trees grow twice as fast as those tucked away deep in the woods—likely because they get more light. The good news for us? The bigger a tree gets, the more carbon dioxide it takes in. -Boston University

Sea Turtles use Earth's magnetic field to navigate the ocean. Detecting the Earth's magnetic field is known as magnetorection and basically functions as an interal compass. This ability and the direction of ocean waves guide them through deeper ocean waters that are more favorable for growth and survival. This is also what allows the turtles to return to the same breeding grounds year after year after year. -National Science Foundation

Babies have nearly 100 more bones than adults. At birth, babies have almost 300 seperate bones, many with cartilage between them. This allows for greater flexibility during birth and the baby's rapid growth. As they age, many of the bones fuse together until there are only 206 as an adult. -How It Works