Pick Your Metal Detector




Pick Your Metal Detector

*The kid-sized Bounty Hunter Junior is 31-1/2” long overall, but loaded with professional features. It includes a 6-1/2” dia detector coil, ballistic meter, controls for power/sensitivity and target elimination (which helps eliminate iron, for example). Also has an audible proximity sensor that works in tandem with the meter. The manufacturer says it will find coin-sized objects up to 5” deep and larger ones up to 2 feet deep.

*Move up to the 2.8 lb Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, with a padded arm support cushioned hand grip, and an overall length that can be adjusted from 45” to 52”. Its fully automatic Ground-Trac® constantly adjusts to scan through dirt, rock, wood and mud, and the 8” dia open-face coil is completely submersible. It has three-mode discrimination (all metal, tone and full); a sensitivity control that filters interference; a large ballistic meter; and an internal speaker that works with or without headphones (not included). It will find small objects up to 8” deep and larger ones up to 3 feet deep.

*For the pro comes Bounty Hunter Pro Lone Star model. Has 9 target-ID category icons, graphic depth indicator, sensitivity bar graph and multiple notching system. Need more? Finds coins and small objects up to 8” deep and larger objects over 2-feet. Has 3 tone alert for different materials and a waterproof 8” coil for wide coverage.
Each comes with a well-written instruction manual and requires a pair of 9V batteries (not included).

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